Sunday, 29 May 2011

Project Playhouse #3

There has been alot of progress on the kids playhouse, I am so impressed with the way it has turned out so far.

A few days ago we go all the cedar up on the walls, it isn't perfect but with a slopped deck above and recycled cedar it looks pretty good.

My husband put 6 new pot lights in and a roof

The Painting Crew ~ All suited up and ready to go

They all did such a good job, until they heard Dad start the dirt bike and then they were on to bigger and better things.  

By the end of today I got the roof, floor and walls painted.  We are still going to put trim in to finish off the roof and the floor.  Of course the next phase of decorating is my favorite.  I will post more pictures of the progress.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Dresser Makeover

      I just love it when you find exactly what you are looking for.  I had a vision of what I wanted and just happened to be on a second hand website and came across this set for $75.00.  I love the look of this dresser and nightstand, the curves in the legs and the slight detail in the drawers.  The top of the dresser had paint chipped off of it and the detail was painted in a gold which is just not my color.  


The Handles have pretty detail but again the gold is just not my thing

Dresser ~ Mirror still needs to be put on

The handles were repainted white and then a touch of color was added

All the detail was highlighted with the robins egg blue 


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bedroom Makeover

When my little man was moving into his big boy bed I figured it was time for a change.  So it called for a fresh coat of paint, a new bed, and a toy box.  I am in love with Ana White with her plans it makes it so easy to create that perfect piece of furniture.  I decided Red would be a nice accent color and the fabrics I used to make pillows are fun and playful but didn't want them to match.  The bird sign above the window was painted the same red as the dresser and finished off with vinyl birds.

Bookshelf we made for Makai's Birthday

Headboard & Bookshelf

I just love this cute little leather Chair

I painted the dresser to match with the Red in the room

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Project Playhouse #2

Picking the paint color for any project is my favorite part.  The color really is what brings any project or room to live, it could make it or break it.  I am in love with these colors that we have picked for the playhouse.  It was a group decision between me and the three boys and I think it is going to look fantastic.   

Green Grape


Makai & Chase (notice the chocolate pudding face) they are so excited to do this project we picked up painting aprons and rollers just for them. 

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Project Playhouse

I am so excited about this project.  About 3 years ago we build a storage unit under our deck and left a section of it for a playhouse for the kids, since then it has been more like a storage place for their toys and they occasionally play in there.  The intention was to get it all done up and looking nice, which hasn't happened yet.  But today is the day, I have so many ideas of what I want to do with this playhouse. 

As of right now this is what it looks like.  

 We are planning on putting in six small pot lights so the kids are not hitting their heads on the light bulbs

My Pile of cedar planks, I am so excited we got these and for free. 

Can't wait to post some progress pictures for you.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Birthday Favors

I am one of those moms that hates giving and getting the party favors that just get thrown in the garbage so I am always looking for something that will be useful. So for my sons party I did up these wooden block puzzles for each of the kids.  

I started by cutting a 2x2 strip of pine into squares (well maybe rectangles, because my measure were a little bit off).  For the boys I painted the squares brown and the girls I painted them pink.  

The next part was probably the most time consuming of it all as I had to cut out the pictures to fit on the puzzle and cut out the puzzles pieces.  Once that was done I glued them on and waited for them to dry.  Once they were all dry I sanded the edges with a palm sander and finished it off with a top coat.

Although it was a time consuming project the end result was well worth it.  

Each child got a family picture on one side and a individual picture on the other side

Saturday, 14 May 2011

It's a Barnyard Party

My little man Makai turned 2 years old this month and today was a celebration just for him.  I am a lover of parties and making them as unique and different as I can.  My husband says a little to much, lol.  But I absolutely love it.  

 I love having a cake and snack table decorated to go with my theme.  The banner and printable I purchased from stockberrystudios on Etsy (I just love Etsy)

This cake is to date on of my favorites I just love every bit of it.  I was inspired by Melissa at My Cake School.

Well you can't have a kids party without a little crafting so the kiddies all made some sheep masks with a sheep printout, cotton balls, crayons and a little creativity. 
To Darn Cute.

For Favors the kids got a box of farm animal crackers and a bandanna with a little goodie inside.  For the adults I made individual pies.

I also created this Plaque out of some wood I had laying around in the garage.  I stained and then added a vinyl sticker to it.  I had made a few of them with various farm animals on them. 

Cannot Believe my little man is already 2 years old. 
I am one happy Momma to have such an incredible son.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Wood Garden Signs

For Mothers Day I wanted to make my Mom and Mother in-law something personal and creative so I made them these directional garden signs. 

My Mother In-Law lives on a farm and has a large garden so I made her a sign with some of her garden veggies on it.

 For my mom I made her a sign with cute sayings like Granny's Love, Granny's Ladybugs (in our family Granny asks the kids where their ladybugs are and then says she see's them in their armpits and then tickles them)  Each one of the 12 grandkids knows what it means when Granny asks where their ladybugs are, lol. 

I started this project by cutting up 1x4 I had laying in the garage and then cut them up into 4 signs and used the mitter saw on a 45' angel to make the point on the end.  I didn't measure or want to make it to perfect although they all pretty much came out the same size.

Once I was done that I just did a simple white wash on them all in different colors.  Once they were dry I took them out to the garage and gave them a sanding on the edges to wear off some paint and then went over them with an oil based stain.  This gave it the rustic look I was going for.  For the lettering I used a vinyl, which allowed me to use different fonts.  After this was done I sprayed the signs with a clear coat to insure that they would last longer in the outdoor elements and the nailed them onto a 2x2 stake.

Such a quick and fun project too do.  

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I hope everyone had an excellent Mothers Day.  I know mine was filled with the people I love the most, all my boys.  We were supposed to host a birthday party today for my little man who turned 2 years old on Thursday but after 5 days of the flu and no sign of getting better we decided to cancel and do it next weekend.  For Mothers day the best gift of all was that he didn't get sick and seems to be getting back to health.  Although how can you go wrong with a day at the greenhouse, a little car shopping and topping it off with a night out for ice cream. 

My boys in front of the ice cream shop in our town.

Little man Chase with his ice cream filled face.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Subway Art

This was such a fun project. I had a scrap piece of wood in the garage and bought some nice trim to make a frame.  

The fun part was figuring out which words I wanted and how to place them to all fit.  I have a vinyl business so I had lots of vinyl color options to pick from.  This piece went in my sons room and I just love it

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Crazy Tuesday

 Well today was supposed to be a day of errands and relaxation as I was going to have a day off, but life has a way of throwing you a curve ball.  Instead my youngest son Makai got sick throughout the night and kept it up through the day.  So I ended up staying home and getting some much needed cleaning and projects done.  And a little big of organization.  I love to label things I just find it so much easier to find what I am looking for.  So while my little man slept I got a few things labeled.  

My Little Man Sleeping

My Boys Piggy Banks ~ Personalized with Vinyl 

Binders with ideas and work Info