Tuesday, 27 November 2012

I Believe

12 Days of Christmas ~ Day #3

I am just in love with how this turned out, it makes me smile every time I come home.

When I made this I wanted something that you could see from a distance and that had a weathered, rustic look to it.  
I made this by using layers of various colors to get the layered look.

12 Days of Christmas Projects.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Christmas Morning Quiche

As promised I am here to share with you my second item on the holiday list.  Frankly this is a winner in my house all year round and they don`t last long when they are made.  My kids even love to take them to school instead of sandwiches.  If you have followed some of my recipes before you know I am kind of an eyeball girl and don`t really have a set recipe but I will give it my best shot because they are just so darn yummy.

What you will need
30 pack of Sweetened tart shells
Package of Bacon
Maple Syrup

I use approximately a dozen eggs and whisk them together with about 4 tbsp of maple syrup.

A few years ago my mother in-law made quiche for an event and by accident bought the sweetened tarts, since then we don`t make them any other way.  First I cooked my bacon  and then cut it up into small pieces.  If you want onions, mushrooms or anything else you can add them at this time but I like to keep it simple.

 Once I grate the cheese I like to cut it up so it is smaller pieces that will fit into the tarts better.  Then it`s time to fill the tarts with the eggs, I like to layer the cookies sheet with parchment paper because I tend to over spill a few times filling them up.

I bake them in the oven at 350` for about 25 minutes or until golden brown.  

These are great for a quick morning breakfast on the go or to add to a brunch.  I like to make alot and then freeze them so we have lots on hand.

Give them a try and let me know what you think.

12 Days of Christmas 

Monday, 19 November 2012

Snowman Family

Well it is here again,  my favorite time of the year.  My Goal this holiday season is to do Twelve holiday crafts, baking or gifts to share with you.

For my first one I decided we needed to have ourselves a little 2x4 snowman family.  This was fun for the kids as they got to help out with sanding and picking out their button colors. 

This was such a fun project to do.  Truly the hardest part was figuring out what size they should all be. 

I used 2x4's for most of the snowman and then 1x4 for a part of the hat.  I simply glued all the pieces together and waited patiently for them to dry.  

Once they were all dry each one got two coats of paint and a little sanding. Then it was time for the kiddies to head down to my paint drawer and figure out what color of buttons they all wanted.

  Aren't they fun

Hope you Enjoy

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Lamp Revamp

A few months back I had picked up this lamp for $5.00.  When I brought it home my husband looked at me like I was crazy.  He asked where I was going to put that ugly lamp, even my 8 year old thought I was loosing it.  I reassured them that this was not going to stay this way, I have a plan.  So after many months of it sitting in the garage I finally got to work on it.  Okay well I will admit my hubby did a little work to.  As I have a problem when it comes to my spray paint technique it is horrible, there are usually drips and it never covers right.  So after batting my eyes a please and maybe a little bit of whining he agreed to spray paint it for me.  

Wasn't she pretty, very retro.

 I just couldn't wait to get this ugly green fabric off.  Even with just taking it off the lamp looked better. 

Once I found the fabric I wanted it was time to get this project done.  I used newspaper to make a stencil with (which I forgot to take a picture of). I simply used the lamp shade and rolled it marking the newspaper. Once that was finished I made sure it was going to fit but left extra just to make sure.

In order to get the fabric to adhere to the lamp shade I used Elmers Acid Free Craft Bond which worked great.  I let it set for an hour and then finished up the few pieces that were sticking up with my hot glue gun.  


Friday, 2 November 2012

Football Cake

Our First season of football has come to an end, it is a little bitter sweet.  Keegan had such a good time and can't wait until next season to play again.  But I am also loving not sitting at practice for an 1 1/2 hours three nights a week and then spending every Saturday doing games for 3 hours.

 My Little man at one of his last games of the season, tough little guys for sticking it out through the cold weather.           

For the teams year end party I offered to make their cake and if you have followed me you know I like to challenge myself on each cake I make and this was no exception, in fact there was a point that I figured it might just look like a big blob.

I picked up this casserole dish as it was the closest to the shape I needed.  It actually worked out perfectly as it ended up being the same size as an actual football.

I baked three cakes and stacked them on top of each other with butter cream icing in between.  Then the tricky part, shaping the cake.  I used a real football as my guide, crossed my fingers and started to cut it out.  Once I had the shape I was looking for I gave it a thin layer of butter cream and set aside to let it harden.  

Once I got a layer of brown butter cream on the cake it finally was starting to look like a football.  There was a major sign of relief.

 I made the white part with fondant to get the look I wanted and then added a little green butter cream to the bottom of the cake. 

You know it is a hit when everyone at the party says they thought it was a real football and looks too good to eat. We had a great party and can't wait until next year. 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Trick Or Treat

Of course it wouldn't be Halloween without the traditional pumpkin carving.  For some in our family they love cleaning out the inside and for others not so much.  I used to hate carving pumpkins until I discovered the electric pumpkin carver.  Last year ours broke and I was scrambling to find a new one this year, lucky for us I found a few and snatched them up.  

This year Keegan was really excited because he was old enough to do his own pumpkin start to finish by himself.   

The Finished Product

My Little Vampire

It was a bitter cold night but we all bundled up and had a great night out.