Monday, 27 February 2012

Karate Party Invitations

For our Family March means the beginning of Birthday season. 

My son is turning 5 this year and after many discussions on what he wanted to do for his party he settled on a Karate party.  So with the location booked it was time to get the invitations made up. 

I wanted to make a gi invitation. I believe that the invitation should be the starting point of the party, it lets your guests know what the party is all about.  Plus I think they are cuter : )

I started out by using my Photoshop program to create a Gi, I put a red belt on it as it is the belt he has.  

Once that was done I added the back piece on the top. I did this by duplicating the gi and then erasing what I didn't need.  I am sure there was an easier way to do this but I wanted to make sure they matched perfectly when folded.

I used a card  stock to print them on and went to work on cutting them out.  

Next up figuring out what I want to do with the cake, this of course is my favorite part of the party.  

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bedroom Makeover ~ Part 1

Board & Batten and A Fresh Coat of Paint

I have been working on a makeover in my bedroom for the past couple of weeks.  

If you missed my post with the before pictures here is a reminder

I love the look of Board and Batten so I started by taking off the old chair rail which of course left me with a few repairs.  I started by Painting the top with a dark Grey and then added the top trim after so I didn't have to cut into it.  It didn't look so good at this point but then when does a project half way through. 

The biggest part of doing this project was making sure the spacing was perfect.  I measured once then twice to make sure it was good.  Once that was done I used painters tape and taped lines where the boards were going to go.  Well worth the time because I would hate to do all the work and not have it look right.  

After a lot of moving furniture back and forth, nailing, dapping and painting it was finally finished.  I would have taken a picture of the other side of the room but it was a mess, lol. 

Now for the really fun part putting the rest of it together.

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Monday, 20 February 2012

Feature & A great Family Day Long Weekend

Thank you so much to Giggles Glitz and Glam for featuring my Vintage Inspired Credenza

What a great weekend it was, here in Alberta it was Family Day Long weekend.  We did lots of skating this weekend. 
Chase even discovered that he didn't need to use the skate support anymore. 

Keegan & Makai

Me & Makai



It was also my birthday this weekend and my girlfriends planned a girls dinner and movie night.  So good to get out with my girls.  We went out for a nice dinner and went to watch "The Vow".  

I also was able to get some more of my bedroom done this weekend.          
I have been finding it hard to do it because of all the furniture in there and the fact that I am a night time worker and since my husband actually wants to sleep that doesn't work, lol.  Hopefully I will have pictures soon to share with you. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend as well.  

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bedroom Before

For awhile I have been dreaming and planning a bedroom makeover.  I have passed many ideas past my husband and have been told no a few times.  Or that I have gone to far, lol.  I figured I would let him have some say in this room as he spends time there too and he has seen it change colors many times.  We have had builders beige, Pink, orange, green and the chocolate brown and blue that it is today.  Some were hits and i'll admit it some were misses, but unless you try you just don't know.  

The time has finally come and we have come to an agreement on what would work for us.  So here are some of the before pictures, and I will apologize that they are such horrible quality.  I used my little camera and obviously it isn't so good.  Promise when I show the finished result I will use my other camera.  

 Our room is not that big I think it is 13'x 13' so not a ton of space.  We used to have a queen size bed but with three kids and half of them sleeping with us most nights we needed a king size.  We were given this bed and it is nice but feels big. 

Okay so let me explain the bedding, I bought it on ebay and it honestly looked better than when I got it.  

We have two of these night stands but I thought putting them both in the room would really make it look small.  

Okay so here is the plan

Here are the wall colors

I have always wanted to have white bedding but with the kids have not yet been brave enough to get it.  This is the time.  I love white bedding it is so clean and crisp

I still haven't decided what accent color I want to use in the room maybe teal or yellow.  

At this point my room is in a disarray but I will post with updates soon. 

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I have to admit I am not someone who loves to get roses or chocolates on Valentines Day.  I love the do things for the kids and make it special for them, but for me not so much. 

This Valentines Day my husband took our negatives we got from our photographer and put them on disks so we could see what he had on there that he didn't show us.  

There were a few really bad and some really funny, but thought I would share with you some of them. 

We look so young here :) 

I would have to say my husband gets an A+ this year, you can't go wrong with a meaningful give on Valentines. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Vintage Inspired Credenza & Photo Stand

 Last year I bought this fabulous credenza, which I absolutely love.  Although it has sat collecting papers and junk since then as I just hadn't found anything I wanted to put on it.  

In a conversation with my good friends I had said I was looking for an antique typewriter.  So with that they searched all of Alberta and found this fantastic typewriter which I got for Christmas.  It is exactly what I was looking for.  

I had found these on Pinterest and was immediately fascinated by them.  I searched high and low and couldn't really find exactly what I wanted so in true DIY spirit I made them. 

I headed into my local Micheals and found these plaques in their wood section.  I bought different sizes and shapes to add a little variation.  I drilled out a hole in both the side of the top and the middle of the bottom piece and used wood glue to stick the dowel. A little paint and some of my favorite pictures and I think I like them even more than my inspiration.  

The vintage pictures are actually of my dad when he was younger.  Just thought this was the perfect place for them.  

This was a great place to put my husbands certificate from finishing his Masters Electrician course.  He worked so hard to get it and wanted somewhere special to display it.  

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Hi Everyone,

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Friday, 3 February 2012

T-Shirt Scarf

Yesterday I cleaned out my closet.  Getting rid of all those unused clothes that aren't the right size or had holes in them.  I had a few shirts in there that had some holes in the bottom of them and instead of giving them to my husband for rags in the garage I wanted to make something with them.  My niece really wanted a scarf so she could be just like her mom so I thought this would be the perfect thing.  I did some searching and came up with the perfect scarf for her,  over at Simply Salvage .  

I forgot to take a picture of them so my sister in-law was happy to take one for me. 

This project was to easy and took me about 20 minutes for each scarf.  

I used a smaller plate than they did in the simply salvage tutorial because I was making this for a child.  So simple just cut out the shirt using the plate as a template.  

Then I cut each circle like this and pulled them apart.  Once they were all pulled apart I cut out a piece of fabric to tie them in the back. 

I made a cute felt flower to add to the scarf as well. 

Here is a question for all of you.  I have a ton of jeans from myself and my boys that have holes throughout and don't know what to do with them.  Do you guys have any suggestions?  I hate to just throw them away.