Sunday, 24 February 2013

House Reno's Are Underway

Well the house renovations are underway. It is starting to feel a little crazy around here.  We are currently down to one bathroom which is in the basement and have been living with plywood floors for a few weeks.  Let me tell you I am ready to get the floors started.  Prior to Reno's all of the flooring was either lino or Berber carpet. I figured if we are going to change the carpet to hardwood we had better change all the lino to.  

Who would have thought there would be hundreds of staples under this lino that had to be pulled up.  

Where there is a spot there is a box of some kind of flooring.  

 The entry way to the garage is tiled and we just need to put some molding back on.

Our kids bathroom looks a little bit like this, just needs to have the floors grouted and toilet put back on.  I am loving the 12 x 24 tiles I found.

I am hoping in the next week or so we can get going on the hardwood floors and get rid of some of the dust flying through the house. 

Hope you are all having a great weekend. 

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Laundry Room Makeover

With The help of my wonderful husband we got to work building and making a space that works much better for our busy family and the tons of laundry that I do each week.  

There were two main issues with this room, storage and a place to fold my laundry.  While this is a large space it is a multi purpose space so it also houses a treadmill and doubles as a workout room as well. So it was making a space that allowed for each one to be done in here.  

We starting with getting a stacking kit for the washer and dryer and moving a few outlets over this allowed for a ton of room to do the built in.  
I bought baskets for each one of the kids this is where their socks, undies and jammies will go and I have made it their responsibility to come and get it and unload it.  Lets see how that goes, lol. 

I wanted storage but I didn't want to see it so we build this cabinet and found some doors that I repainted at habitat for humanity for a mere $5.00 each.  The cabinet is pretty deep so it gives me a load of storage.   I hang just about anything we wear so having this hanging rack makes a big difference, no more piles of clothes on the floor while I get everything on hangers.  

Even though I really do not like doing laundry this space has already been broken in and I know it will make my life much easier.  Know if only I could teach the kids to wear less clothes throughout the week, okay a girl can dream can't she.