My Home

Moving from the city to a country house has been a dream of ours for years.  After many years of searching we found a house that we could see huge potential in.  It was a true flashback to the 80's house with many original features and a few upgrades that were to be desired.  

We have spent the past two years updating, doing extensions, and trying to get the yard cleaned up.  I mean I am exhausted just thinking about it but it is starting to take shape and looking more like our forever home. 


This baby came with the original yellow siding with a special touch of chocolate brown, I mean how could you not just fall in love with this.

We added the garage to the house on a L-shape to give the house more character and dimension.  

 This summer we will finish off the outside renovations by adding a peak to the main house and redoing the shingles. 

How welcoming is this entrance.  the concrete was so pitted up and the stairs were falling apart

 We raised the original garage entrance to the same height as the front door so we were able to do a large front porch.

 Can you believe this view, it just amazes me everyday that this is what I have to enjoy.