Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Anniversary In Aruba

This month mark our 10 year anniversary, even saying that seems crazy that 10 years has passed since we said our I do's.  We have done so much in the past ten years but really where did the time go.  

The last time we were on a holiday together just the two of us with not kiddies was on our honeymoon, so I guess we were well overdue.  My fabulous mother in-law took a week off and came up to watch our boys.  I told here the fun really starts when the school bell rings and the after school activities start.  She was such a great sport, I know that sitting at football three nights a week for an hour and a half isn't fun but she did it and we certainly appreciate it.   

Aruba has some beautiful spots and the water and weather was fantastic, +40 everyday with a hint of breeze.

 We did a day tour to a little island where we literally sat on the beach and did nothing but relax for 7 hours.  We met two older couples who sat and told us all about their families and lives they had some great stories and made the day that much better. 

Those who follow me know that we love to go off roading but usually on the bikes so how could we pass up the chance to do it on holidays.  We rented ourselves a jeep and took the path less traveled.  My husband loved this as it reminded him of when he was a teenager.  Yes he even let me drive even after I may have flown it in the air just a little.  It was probably the funniest thing that happened on the trip, too bad we didn't have a video of me launching the jeep.

On our journey we came across this abandoned house that is literally a few feet from the ocean.  I can just see a family sitting outside telling stories and laughing here under the stars and listening to the water. 

Along our journey we stopped by to check out the natural pools, see it way down there tucked into the rocks, but in order to get there we had to go off roading in a place I would not suggest a car ever goes.  It was really one of the best days we had there, lots of fun. 

It really wasn't until we did this trip that I realized how important it is to have this time with just the two of us. Our lives really are focused on the kids, work, house and the hustle and bustle of life.  But to be able to just sit back and relax just the two of us was and incredible feeling to know that if you take all of that away our relationship is just as strong as it was years ago. 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Organizing The Kiddies

Well it is that time of year again where we scramble to get into routine and figure out what direction we need to be going in.  Every year I struggle to keep track and every year it just gets busier with school and extra curricular activities for three kids it gets a little crazy.

This year I found these framed cork boards at the dollar store for $3.00, so how is a girl to say no. 
Each one of the boys has their own calender which has their school activities and their after school activities with times on them.  

They also each have a homework chart which they fill up to earn little prizes out of the prize bucket.  My little man who started Kindergarten this year just can't get enough of homework he just wants his apples all filled up.  I love it and hope that this attitude sticks around for years to come.

I found this cute little do your best. Printable over at Kiki Creates and thought it was perfect for the board. 

 So here is hoping we can keep organized for another year, what are some of your tips to keeping your families schedules straight.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I Am Back ~ A Preview Of Australia

I know I know it has been way to long, but let me tell you it has been a nice little break that was much needed.  With the kids all back in school as of today I figure I had better get my creative juices going again, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, lol.  
Because I am really excited to share some pictures with you of my fabulous trip to Perth, Australia.

I was really worried about the dreaded 26 hour flight and really it is hard to comprehend how long that really is until you do it.  After a 24 hour delay only an hour flight from home I finally made it to my beautiful friend standing at arrivals waiting to pick me up.  

This was Kings Park which was in the middle of Perth I was told it is supposed to bigger than Central Park  in New York. It had beautiful big trees and flowers and look at the perfectly manicured grass.

Well you can't go Australia without seeing a kangaroo, it was pretty cool to see these guys just roaming around.  I even got to see a mommy with a baby in her pouch. 

We went to one of the local Aquariums ~ Aren't these Jelly Fish just too cool

Do you remember the Jaws movie where they had a tunnel over the sea creatures an you could walk around observing them, well this place had that.  Check one off of the bucket list, I have always wanted to see something like this 

How Crazy is this sharks teeth!

My Friend and I went on a little tour of the wine country and found this fantastic little place called House Of Honey.  They had every flavor of honey you could imagine.  It was the cutest little place.  

Next on our tour was Rottnest Island, we had to take ferry over and the only cars allowed on it are the few workers and the bus that runs the route around the island.  We spent a good part of the morning laying on the white sandy beaches.

Okay are these trees not the coolest thing 

The last thing we did on the island was tour this lighthouse.  We climbed the 152 stairs to the top and got to look out at the scenery.  I am a little afraid of heights so needless to say I was clinging to the side of the wall. 

I just had to share this one because these guys were just too funny.  There is this fantastic candy shop Roc Candy right in Perth.  They make custom candies with names or pictures on them, even after watching it I still don't know how they make it, it is just amazing. My kiddies got a jar full of these. 

On my last day in Aussie we headed to the beach to hang out and watch the sun go down. Shortly after I was on my way back to Canada.

I had the most fantastic time and had a great visit with my friend and her family.  There were lots of laughs and great memories made and I was so grateful for the opportunity they had given me to come visit.  As well as for all the help I had while I was gone from all the grandparents, Aunts & Cousins who helped watch my kids for two weeks.  

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of Australia