Monday, 22 October 2012

Recipes Anyone

As the snow if flying and the cold is starting to set in I am finding myself pulling out my recipe book to make some yummy dinners and desserts.

But I am going to be honest my recipe book is not pretty, at all. Beware this is a little scary.

Yup that's right here it is, an old binder with pages spread throughout most of them not even in their protective covers but just shoved in and not organized.  Most times I find myself spending more time than I want trying to locate the recipe I want.

I found these basic but cute little boxes at a local store and gave them a coat of paint, then sanded the edges. For this one I stenciled on Cakes & Cookies.  I am going to do two more for the other good stuff like main meals and salads you know the healthy things. 

Trying to find pre-made recipe cards to fit in these boxes wasn't happening so I made these recipe cards up on my photoshop program.  I like it this way because as I get new recipes I have the cards done up and ready to go.  

Know to fill those recipe boxes with all my yummy recipes.  

I think this would also make a fantastic homemade gift for a parent or grandparent with all your family recipes in it. 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Office Closet Makeover

I am really starting to love having my very own room that is totally away from everyone else.  Even better all of my crafts that have been spread throughout the house in various places are finally located in one room.  Moving my little man back upstairs has really had its perks. 

Before I could even start to organize the main room I had to get in here and work out this mess.  When we moved rooms around everything was just thrown in here and I am sure most of you know what it is like to work around a room full of things.  Kinda like having kids in the room, everything takes twice as long. 

No I am not a hoarder I just happen to have a whole lot of crafts.  This is a little before view of the mess I was dealing with. I know its not pretty.

With a fresh coat of white paint I wanted to add a little color back in so I used my mass amount of boxes and gave them a coat of paint to give a little pop of color. A little downsizing and some organization sure can change a space.

The rest of the room is coming along nicely I can finally walk into the room without tripping on something, or without having to move two or three things to get to my computer. I was also given a nice addition by my mother in-law that I can't wait to share. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Sneak Peak at my New Office

Okay so first let me apologize for being absent so much but I have been having too much fun.

Between Australia, Aruba, A visit from friends, moms weekend away & Thanksgiving I feel like I have not even had a chance to stop.  It has been one of the craziest and best times and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  So in between this I have been doing a little shifting in our house, with one little man moving upstairs it freed up a room downstairs for me to have an office.  

So I thought I would give you a little sneak peek of what I have been up too.  Don't mind the mess it is still a work in progress.

This was the before but with a few more toys in it, boys are so messy. 

And this is the work in progress.  My husband came down today and just said wow because it is such a mess, lol.  I feel like this is the storm before the calm.