Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Shabby Chic Hutch

I found this little beauty at a store my mother in-law introduced me to, they both looked at it and thought why would you want that.  With a little time and effort she has turned into a fantastic piece, even my mother in-law could not believe it was the same piece. 

 She was given a couple coats of Chalk paint to spruce it up and given the right amount of wear.  I am a fan of using the original hardware as I think it is nicer than some of the new ones.  Except for the two new door pulls. 

 Look at these pretty ceramic knobs are they not the best, I found them at a local store which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Native Indian Halloween Costume

This year my youngest son wanted to be a Native Indian for Halloween, one would think no problem finding a costume but no way could we find one. So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and sew one for him.  After a lot of web searches and you tube videos I set off on this journey of creating his costume.  I told him in advance that there was no guarantee that his pant legs might not be the same length or that the shirt may not look right but he was okay with it. 

The pants were easy well maybe minus the elastic but we figured it out, it may not look pretty inside but those pants are definitely going to stay up. The shirt was a little tricky but thank goodness it is just for a costume. 

The fun part was the headpiece which he helped me put the feathers on and then we finished it up by him making a wood bead necklace.

He was excited to see it done and even more excited to see it didn't look like a tiger like he thought it was starting to look like.

How many of you make your kids costumes?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Pretty Little Chair

So as I have been getting packed and ready for my upcoming trip to San Francisco tomorrow I thought I would share one project with you before I take off.  This one was that project that has literally sat in a corner of my garage for almost a year because frankly I was terrified of doing it. 
I knew it had such great potential but I really didn't want to mess it up, then I figured could it really get any worse that it was. Of course not so just do it right?

Sorry the photo is so horrible 

 This Chair while I am sure it was very well loved had seen better days and so had that fabric.  When I had first got the chair I was very excited and got on taking it apart but then when I opened it up and seen hay inside I freaked out and then it sat there and sat there. 

 With a fresh coat of paint, alot of google searching on how to's and questioning my abilities I finally finished it and oh my gosh I couldn't be more excited about this little beauty. 

 I added some upholstery nails to the front and back to give it a more finished look, and after consulting my design consultant (hubby) these were the final choice. 

Now the question is do I keep it for myself or do I sell it. I am not sure because I love it

Well tomorrow I am off for my first trip to San Francisco with a great group of woman.  I will share with you our adventures next week.