Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Kitchen Table Redo

I am so excited to finally have this table done and in the house, and so is my husband as it is finally out of the garage. 
I originally was going to build a table but happened to come across this one.  It was a homemade piece that was built to last and we all know with three boys in the house that is exactly what I needed.  

The only thing I wasn't loving was the color, I am really not a fan of the yellow stain.  With the dark hardwood floors I wanted to keep it light so the base was painted white and the top was given a coat of stain and 5 topcoats to insure for maximum defense against little monkeys.

This table also has two leafs which I love, we won't use them very often but it will be nice for family dinners at our house.  

My hopes are to add benches to the sides of the table to allow more space for moving around the table.  

As for the rest of the house renovations they are coming along more slowly than I would like but little by little I am adding new pieces and hoping to starting painting the kitchen cabinets soon. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Record Player Refinished

This little bad boy was as ugly as can be but what I really love about it was the detailing on the front.  

My sister in-law actually found this for me and when they went to get it her hubby decided he just had to have it because it had a record player.  So what started out as a project for me to refinish and sell turned into them keeping it for themselves.  

We ended up taking the legs off because without them it was short enough to go at the end of the bed and double as a seat.  

For the handles I just loved them so all it took was a fresh coat of paint to make them pop and the screens for the speakers were also sprayed to get rid of that ugly brown color.  I was a little skeptical if this would work but it turned out great. 

She had picked an orange color for the piece and then I used was to antique it. 

So this little unit serves as double duty and hopefully he can get some use out of the record player. 

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Dresser Makeover

 Did you ever have that piece of furniture that you were so attached to that you just couldn't get rid of it even if it didn't have a spot in your house.  Well this is that piece for me.  I have had this dresser since I was a baby, so of course as my kids would say it is antique. My favorite thing about it is the lines around the top it is just so girly and feminine to me.  

Although this dresser has had many looks over the past 30 odd years it just has not been utilized in the right way for a long while and it needed to be brought back to life. 

 Yeah I know what you are thinking, ugly right.  It has been sitting in my laundry room for the past 7 years being used for crafts and tucked away.
I dragged it out to the garage and started to strip down the many layers of paint that were on it.  My intentions were to stain the top piece and then paint the rest of the dresser but when I got it down to the wood I seen this.  I tried a few different tricks but was not able to get the black marks out.  If it was just the little marks I probably would have gone for it but with the big mark in the center I didn't think it would look good.  So on to plan B, to paint it. 

 This little beauty got some new hardware which was painted and sanded to give the look I wanted.  And then I couldn't leave the ugly pink drawer lining that has literally been in there since the 80's so the drawers were given a face lift with some new drawer liners that I glued down. 

Although I am sad to see this go, she is going on the market this week to hopefully be enjoyed for many more years.