Monday, 30 January 2012

Post-It-Note Project ~ Creative Carmella

As I was reading my friend Carmella's blog I thought I just had to share it with you.  She has a fantastic idea called to Post-It-Note project.  All you will need is some post it notes, a pen and some positive and encouraging words.  Please check it out on her blog Creative Carmella as I think we can all use a bit of this once in awhile.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Valentines Wreath

First let me tell you it has been a week.  You know those letters you get home from the school of that nasty virus that is going around and you look at it and go Thank Goodness it isn't my kid.  Well this week it was my child. The dreaded Hand Mouth Foot Virus.  When Apparently we were not the only ones here, when we went to the doctor he said we were the 20 child in the past week with the same thing.  I guess we live in a community who really likes to share.   Hopefully we can get back to our regular activities soon. 

So I figured I might as well make myself useful and have been busy organizing and getting rid of lots of stuff in my house.  What  a great feeling to purge all that unused stuff.  

This week I decided to make a Valentines wreath.  I found the wooden heart at the dollar store and painted them and then added it to a existing wreath I already use.    

What have you all been up to this week?

Friday, 20 January 2012


How about a little Love

I stopped in at my local dollar store the other day and found these nice little pieces.  They were unfinished which is great because I can put my own little twist on them then.  

I love the look of chocolate brown and pink so used that as my starting point, and well as you can see when I start doing some details on it I just can't stop, lol. 

This is the first year I have decorated for Valentines day and with a few things creeping into the house I think my husband is afraid of how many more containers of seasonal decorations he can handle.  

Monday, 16 January 2012

Cinema Wall Art

Happy Monday Everyone 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  I had a great weekend.   My mother in-law was up visiting for the past 3 days, so my kids were able to get in all their Grandma time. They were all so thrilled that Grandma got to take them to school on Friday and watch so of their school activities.  Plus we were happy that she could get away from the stresses she has been dealing with.

While she was here my husband and her took the kids swimming which gave me the opportunity to get a project checked off my to do list. 

I love subway art and it is so easy to do.  I had a scrap board in my garage already that was perfect for this project. I painted it black for base coat.

I figured out what words I wanted and used my vinyl cutting program to come up with a layout. Once that was done I cut out a large vinyl piece to fit the board.

Painting the stencil was my next step, I started by painting it white but didn't feel like it was the right color choice soI ended up repainting it with a silver.

After the paint was dry I removed the vinyl and gave it a sanding throughout and on the edges.

I love the look of the book page and the clipart so I found some printable images online of both and used my photoshop program to create this picture and simply printed it on my printer.

The movie reels I was able to find on Etsy, they work perfectly on this wall.

Also I have a question for you all, I am having a hard time deciding on what to put on the top shelves of my tv unit.  Any suggestions would be great. 

Monday, 9 January 2012

Rocker Princess Cake

Rocker Princess Cake 
This past weekend we celebrated a special little girls 2nd birthday and I was honored when they asked me to do her birthday cake. 

They said do whatever you want, those are my favorite words "Whatever you want"

I see her as being a girly girl but also having a little edge to her just like her parents so I came up with this...

I like the use of the black and the print to give it the edge 

The Pillow and the tiara make it a little more girly.  This was the first time I did a pillow cake and it turned out to be easier than I thought. 

My favorite part of doing cakes is that I try to do something new on each one and try to challenge myself each time.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Lessons Learned ~ Hard Way to Finish and Start the Year

I know I have been a little slacking on my blog posts lately, but for good reasons.  Well of course Christmas Holidays were here and filled with many great memories with Family, Laughter and Love.  And of course a ton of great food.  
On December 29th we received a phone call from my mother in-law letting us know of the sad news that her husband passed away.  They were out doing something they both loved to do cross country skiing with his wife and a few family members when he collapsed.  With all their efforts they were not able to help him, later to find out he had died from a heart attack at the age of 57.  Hard to believe that almost 1 year ago we were at their wedding celebrating their love and happiness.

Some of the lessons I have learned:
(1) Do and Try everything on your bucket list today because tomorrow might be to late. 
(2) Get your stuff in order ~ Wills, life insurance, etc... You want to leave those behind with as little burdens as possible. 
(3)  Live life to the fullest
(4) Hug and kiss my Children and Husband as many times a day as possible. 
(5)  Do everything to your best ability.
(6)  If your not happy with something ~ Change it. 

The funeral is on Tuesday so I will be back and at it after that.  I have a ton of ideas for 2012 and am looking forward what is to come in the New Year.