Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bedroom Before

For awhile I have been dreaming and planning a bedroom makeover.  I have passed many ideas past my husband and have been told no a few times.  Or that I have gone to far, lol.  I figured I would let him have some say in this room as he spends time there too and he has seen it change colors many times.  We have had builders beige, Pink, orange, green and the chocolate brown and blue that it is today.  Some were hits and i'll admit it some were misses, but unless you try you just don't know.  

The time has finally come and we have come to an agreement on what would work for us.  So here are some of the before pictures, and I will apologize that they are such horrible quality.  I used my little camera and obviously it isn't so good.  Promise when I show the finished result I will use my other camera.  

 Our room is not that big I think it is 13'x 13' so not a ton of space.  We used to have a queen size bed but with three kids and half of them sleeping with us most nights we needed a king size.  We were given this bed and it is nice but feels big. 

Okay so let me explain the bedding, I bought it on ebay and it honestly looked better than when I got it.  

We have two of these night stands but I thought putting them both in the room would really make it look small.  

Okay so here is the plan

Here are the wall colors

I have always wanted to have white bedding but with the kids have not yet been brave enough to get it.  This is the time.  I love white bedding it is so clean and crisp

I still haven't decided what accent color I want to use in the room maybe teal or yellow.  

At this point my room is in a disarray but I will post with updates soon. 


Jana said...

It's all nice and neat. A beautiful weekend

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

I love black and white! That is a gorgeous drum shade. I had to snicker at your comments about your husband- I can so relate. The poor guy has put up with me changing so much stuff around our house. He knows not to get too comfortable with any one look because chances are it's gonna get changed sooner or later.

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

I can't wait to see what you do with you bedroom! I acutally like the blue colour it is now. I think some drapes and accessories would really dress it up for not a lot of money! Love the black drum shade and the white bedding will be beautiful! Lucky you to have a King bed! Have you checked Superstore? They have some awesome bedding for not a lot of money! Angie xo

{oc cottage} said...

oh how fun! i just love makeovers!!! can't wait to see your reveal...{your room is pretty darn cute right now! ;}

m ^..^