Thursday, 20 March 2014

Where has the time gone

Wow it has been awhile since I have been on here but I really can't believe it is already more the half way through March.  Didn't New Years just happen.  This is really turning out to be one of those in a blink of an eye kind of years.  

Since the start of the year I had made an unexpected trip across Canada to my grandmothers funeral, painted a friends rental house, just about bought a piece of land but ended up losing it.  Although it did help us to get the last of the renovations done on the house which is a plus.  

We celebrated two of our boys birthdays, really I cannot believe that my oldest child is 10 years old. We took 15 grade 1 & 4's to the movies, and really what kind of cake should there be for a movie birthday, well a movie cake of course.

But the most exciting thing that has really kept me busy is a new venture I have been doing.  I have teamed up with a friend to share all her talent and mine and we have been busy preparing for our first craft show at the start of May.  

We are really excited about what we have in store for us and have some bigger plans we hope to share in the future.  If you want to follow our adventures you can pop of to our facebook page Two Girls Redesigning Life

Friday, 17 January 2014

Entertainment Unit With a New Purpose

This beautiful entertainment unit was handmade by my dad when we first moved into our house.  I love all the molding and detail that are on it.  When we renovated our house we decided to hang the tv on the wall but we could not get rid of this beauty.

I love how all the detail really shows up with the paint on it.  Also  adding doors gives it a new life and purpose, and it is really a beautiful piece.  It now houses all of our precious family photos inside.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

My Week With Family

This past week as school was just about to be back from the holidays I received the call that we knew was coming, it was really just a matter of time.  My Grandmother had passed away.  

This began the journey across Canada which my sister called the great Canadian race.  Really how hard is it to get on an airplane and fly from Alberta to New Brunswick we had all done it and done it with ease.  My parents left Monday and hit Toronto where apparently this was their first winter and shut the airport down for two days.  My brother and myself made it to Winnipeg and were cancelled on from there.  My other sister flew standby and beat us all there by shear luck of going through Montreal.  With a couple extra days for us to get there we finally arrived and with open arms from our family.  

The thing I love about my family is that it doesn't matter if we all grew up together and we see each other every 2 or 3 years there is such a great bond that it always feels like home.  My grandparents house is really the heart of the family where you are always welcome. Where many birthdays, baby showers and anniversaries have been held.  Our family of course would not be like this without both of my grandparents and their 67 years of love I think everyone wishes they could have.  

Her funeral was truly a showcase of her life with many laughs and tears and ending with a night of family coming together in a way I could only hope.  With a house full of 45 - 50 people little and big partying and laughing, you really could tell that she didn't leave anything unsaid, she had filled everyone's life with something special and everyone in it knew that they were loved.  It was a true celebration of her life. 

She will be missed but not forgotten. 


Friday, 3 January 2014

New Collection of Signs

Happy New Years everyone, I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, I know I sure did.  I also had a very productive one with refinishing kitchen cabinets, making signs and tiling the back splash. I can't wait to share them all with you.  

This week I got on creating my new collection of signs.  

 Life is a Beautiful Ride might be one of my favorite but I really love them all.  

Did you also check out my new piece of furniture that my hubby bought me for Christmas.  I might have picked it out myself and put a tag on it from him, lol. 

I am hoping to finish up the last of the house updates so I can share with you the changes we have working on for the past 10 months.  

Monday, 16 December 2013

Barnwood Home Sweet Home and a little Christmas Decor

 Every once in a while I have the urge to be really creative at oh 8:00 pm.  An idea pops into my head and it must be done today.  Well this is where this little beauty came from.  I broke out my biscut joiner, glue, air nailer and paint and went to town making this little Barnwood Home Sweet Home sign. 

I also figured since Christmas is just around the corner I would share with you some of our Christmas decorating. 

 My husband makes fun of me when it comes to decorating my tree, I like it a particular way and I enjoy doing it when the kids are in bed.  Which is why they each get their own tree to decorate however they want. 

This is one of my son's little trees that they can decorate with as many or as little decorations as they want. 

The Christmas village is also one of the boys favorite things to set up.  I give them the boxes and they go to town and set it up. 

I would show you my outside decorations but there is so much snow you can hardly see them.
I think I am officially all ready for the holidays to be here, how about you?

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Favorite Christmas Mantels


Every year I watch as all of these fabulous mantels are decorated in these fabulous themes and colors and I am so jealous that I don't have one to decorate. I have even asked my husband if we could get an electric fireplace, not for the heat but for the ability to decorate it for the seasons.   So I have put together some of my favorite holiday mantels

 The First on is from Creative Carmella What I love about this mantel is the traditional feel but with a few vintage pieces and check out her Joy Banner, isn't it cute.  

 This one is from Organized Clutter there is so much I like about this one.  I love the use of the coca cola crate to display ornaments and pine cones.  They painted the bike rim red for a place to put photos and don't you just love the little skis

This one from Comfy Home has a simple and natural feel to it and the Sign really finishes it off well 

How could you not love this one from Four Generations One Roof, The Joy sign using the colorful wreath is fantastic 

What a fantastic mantel is this from The Yellow Cap Cod, how cute are those polka dot and striped stockings with a little bit of leopard print on the top.  My absolutely favorite part though is the reindeer antlers they fit perfectly on the mantel.

While we can't all have a fantastic mantel to hang our stockings on you can do like they did at The DIY Showoff and create a faux mantel. 

I hope you enjoyed my favorite Christmas Mantels.  If you don't have a Fireplace mantel what do you do with your stockings?

Monday, 9 December 2013

Gingerbread House Tradition

  1. This past weekend we did our annual Gingerbread decorating.  This is something I have done with my kids since they could eat the icing, and also something they look forward to every year. 

 I baked and assembled the housed the night before, because really what fun is there in wathcing the icing dry.

Concentrating so hard on their decorating skills. 

We finished up with a cup of hot chocolate.

My boys are having a really hard time with not eating them all. 

We put our tree up a few weeks ago, I just love how it just lights everything up and makes it feel so good to just sit and look at it. 

We have had so much snow in the past month that I am really not sure where we will put anymore, and as I am typing this the sky is filled with more falling snow. 

Can you see the light post in front of my house, that is right it is almost covered. Whom ever keeps wishing for a white Christmas you can stop we have all we can handle. 

What are some of your Christmas Family Traditions?