Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Shabby Chic Wedding

As promised I have a ton of pictures from this past weekends wedding event.  It turned out beautifully and I was really excited to be asked to participate in the planning of my sisters wedding.

There was a lot of work, personal touches, hands on projects that went into this wedding. The wedding was held at the grooms parents house and the first time I walked into the space it certainly did not look wedding ready. 

We figured the dirt floor was a little shabby but not so chic for a wedding so new wood floors was on the agenda, and they really did turn out beautifully.
With a lot of pinteresting, phone conversations and texting we had a game plan of sorts and a vision of the final look. 

There were two big sliding doors off of the back of the barn which was a perfect spot to add extra seating under a tent.

 I know this isn't the best quality photo but I had to share to show how pretty all the light were and really this doesn't even do it justice. 

For a truly amazing shabby chic look it is all in the details and if nothing else our family is good at the details.  The bunting banner that hangs around the barn was done by the grooms sister whom after to many hours to count I am sure still has nightmares about making them. 

This was the Bride & Grooms special area with a customised pallet bench courtesy of the Groom. 

Ahhh the popcorn station this stand was handmade by the groom.  It was made to hold the big buckets on top for the adults who didn't want grubby hands in it and then ready to go bags of popcorn that was easy to grab.  

 This was a rain day project for me and my boys and they could barely contain themselves when it came to not eating it all.  We made a few different flavors.  Chocolate drizzled with coconut, white chocolate with sprinkles, caramel, and pink popcorn. 

 Just a few bags right

Another fantastic touch was this custom made bar that fit the space perfectly and of course finished off with the bunting banner. 

 Everywhere you looked there was something beautiful no space was untouched.  Throughout the space there were a ton of potted plants that came from a local business Verdue Farms

As this was an outside wedding of course you need a space for the bathrooms and beside them we set up this tent that housed a changing station for the babes and a dresser with mirror as the ladies like to make sure they are looking good.  

 I made this cute powder room sign along with some road signs that I forgot to take pictures of.

I know a lot of pictures but wasn't it worth it, of course I can't leave you without showing some spectacular pictures of the Bride & Groom.  My wonderfully talented sister Carrie took these photos so be sure to check Liquid Light Photography and editing of photos were done by the bride herself at My Shabby Studios.  You can stop by their pages to see more of these photos. 

Hope you enjoy and are inspired to create your own piece of Shabby Chic


Our Pinteresting Family said...

Everything about this wedding is amazing! Your sister is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

WOW the first thing that came to mind was fairy tale. Everything looks so beautiful. Love all of the pic's....What a beautiful couple.p.s that popcorn looks yummy

Anonymous said...

Lisa is not only my sister, but she is the best at party planning and has such great and creative ideas! If you are from the area, she is your girl, as she is unique, and thinks outside of the box!!! You won't find a cookie cutter party planner here.

Thank you so much Lisa for everything you did for Seb and I. We will never forget all that you did for us :)

xoxo your Sister, Tasha

Kenya @ My Pending Life said...

Wow this is such a pretty wedding. So many details! I absolutely love the idea of a popcorn stand! Found your like at the Gingerly Made link up!

Sew a Fine Seam said...

It's all so lovely!

Lolly Jane said...

Love all the special details. Especially that cute bench! What a cute couple :)

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

So sweet and unique! You and your sister did a great job!!! Love the bench and popcorn stand.

Great photos of the couple!!!

I don't understand the floor. Did you have to pour concrete for a new floor or is it just a floating dance floor?

the cape on the corner said...

oh my goodness, I don't know what I like more?! the bunting? the popcorn station? those perfect floors?! amazing!

Vintage Paint and more... said...

What an amazing wedding - so creatively unique. I don't think I could pick a favorite - I loved it all... but the bench stole my heart... stopping by from Knick of Time...

Erica said...

What a wedding! My one regret for mine is that I didn't convince my Mom and Dad to have it all on the farm. :)

Schulz Family said...

Oh wow. that is amazing

SewSweetVIntage said...

Love the country weddings! Beautiful:) Pinned!

Ang Paris said...

What a beautiful wedding! I love home so many things were handmade - that makes it so very special!
I'm stopping by from the Project Stash and your thumbnail caught my eye - I adore that popcorn station!
Hope you're having a great day!
Ang, Juggling Act Mama
ps- now following you on Google+ :)

Angie @ Knick of Time said...

It looks like it was an amazing day! Love the whole space and the couple looks so happy. I'm featuring you tonight at Knick of Time Tuesday - thanks for sharing at the party.

Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

What a fun and beautiful wedding setting! I love all the pretty touches and handmade details. (Visiting from Knick of Time)

Creating a Life

Debra at HOMESPUN: said...

This was so enjoyable to view! :) I love that popcorn stand! :)

ornate splendor said...

Beautiful! Just Beautiful! And, wow - that was a lot of work! Sounds like everyone pitched in to help. Love the burlap and bunting, the brewery bar, powder room tent. As someone who decorates for weddings, I know how much time and effort went in to all this! WELL DONE!!! Catherine

Wenni Donna said...

A stunning shabby chic creation! I loved your work. The pink color is looking perfect. You have used perfect embellishments to create this card. My sister is getting married and going to book one of iconic wedding venues Los Angeles. I would love to make such a wonderful card for her.

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