Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Wood Garden Signs

For Mothers Day I wanted to make my Mom and Mother in-law something personal and creative so I made them these directional garden signs. 

My Mother In-Law lives on a farm and has a large garden so I made her a sign with some of her garden veggies on it.

 For my mom I made her a sign with cute sayings like Granny's Love, Granny's Ladybugs (in our family Granny asks the kids where their ladybugs are and then says she see's them in their armpits and then tickles them)  Each one of the 12 grandkids knows what it means when Granny asks where their ladybugs are, lol. 

I started this project by cutting up 1x4 I had laying in the garage and then cut them up into 4 signs and used the mitter saw on a 45' angel to make the point on the end.  I didn't measure or want to make it to perfect although they all pretty much came out the same size.

Once I was done that I just did a simple white wash on them all in different colors.  Once they were dry I took them out to the garage and gave them a sanding on the edges to wear off some paint and then went over them with an oil based stain.  This gave it the rustic look I was going for.  For the lettering I used a vinyl, which allowed me to use different fonts.  After this was done I sprayed the signs with a clear coat to insure that they would last longer in the outdoor elements and the nailed them onto a 2x2 stake.

Such a quick and fun project too do.  


Carmella said...

So Sweet! I love them!

Creative Raisins said...

Thank you Carmella. My Mom just about cried when she seen them. I love them so much I am going to do a set for myself.

Jamie said...

I LOVE your signs!!

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