Monday, 16 May 2011

Birthday Favors

I am one of those moms that hates giving and getting the party favors that just get thrown in the garbage so I am always looking for something that will be useful. So for my sons party I did up these wooden block puzzles for each of the kids.  

I started by cutting a 2x2 strip of pine into squares (well maybe rectangles, because my measure were a little bit off).  For the boys I painted the squares brown and the girls I painted them pink.  

The next part was probably the most time consuming of it all as I had to cut out the pictures to fit on the puzzle and cut out the puzzles pieces.  Once that was done I glued them on and waited for them to dry.  Once they were all dry I sanded the edges with a palm sander and finished it off with a top coat.

Although it was a time consuming project the end result was well worth it.  

Each child got a family picture on one side and a individual picture on the other side


Unknown said...

What a great idea! This would make a great birthday gift for young kids too!! Thanks for stopping by my site :)

Creative Raisins said...

Thank You. The kids Loved them, a personal thing they can keep.

Lisa Summerhays said...

Agreed. I hate knowing party stuff will most likely end up in the trash or even just left at my house. What a fun, creative, keepsake!