Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Laundry Room Is In Full Swing

Source: houzz.com via Susan on Pinterest

Laundry for me is one of those chores that just drives me bonkers.  It is one of those chores that is so unforgiving, never lets up and doesn't take holidays.

I am one mean washer and dryer but when it comes to actually hanging everything and putting it away that is where I lack.  So I have decided to blame it on the laundry room and its oh so non-functional space.

Just a few of my inspirational sources
Source: Houzz.com

Source: lolainspired.blogspot.com

One of my least favorite projects is muding and sanding but at least there was only a little bit left to do in this room 

With a fresh coat of paint she is starting to look good.  My hubby starting to build the shelving unit, I know it doesn't look like anything yet but she is going to be pretty when it is done. 

I also bought a stacking kit for the washer and dryer to give us more space to work with, which meant moving some electrical and the duct work which is one of the perks of having an electrician for a husband. 

I am so excited that this project is in full swing and can't wait to show you the finished product. 


Unknown said...

and I can't wait to see it - lucky you!!!

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

I agree! It's the laundry rooms fault! My washroom needs a makeover some kind of bad! My hubby is an electrition too. Funny, why is it that I have a light in the kitchen that hasn't worked in months? I can't wait to see what you do to the room.

Jan said...

We're getting ready to 'do something' with our laundry room - thanks for the inspiration! You'd think that, given all the time we spend doing laundry, it would be one of the first rooms in the house that we tamed. -- Jan