Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Dreaming Of A New Home

My Husband and me have been on a search for some property we want some land so our kids have space to run and play and have a little more privacy. We have been looking for about a year, but we feel like we are ready and it is time to find something and commit to it. It is so hard to find exactly what we want, but I know it is out there.  While we haven't found the land yet that doesn't mean a girl can't dream and come up with ideas, I mean when the time comes you have to be ready.  Well that is what I tell him anyways. 

I thought I would share some of my inspiration for the new home, by the way do you know how hard it is to find a good floor plan.  My husband says I am just picky, lol. 

I Love the look of a craftsman style home

I would love to have these sliding doors,  I love the big window that runs above it, all the light that would come in. 

I am in love with a white Kitchen, so clean and classic.  I would love the coffered ceilings but might have to keep dreaming on that. 

With having three boys I have decided that a large mudroom with lots of storage is key to a moms sanity.  I love all the build in aspects of this room.  

Ahhh a girl can dream right.  


Anonymous said...

I hear you... a girl can dream! We once dreamed of building in central Alberta. I love it there! But for now we are happy where we are. It is do important to be happy where you are at while you dream of where you are going. I cannot wait to read all the posts that will be part of your amazing build.
Keep them comming.

Carmella said...

Our style is so much alike! I love every single detail of this post!