Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Transforming a Doorway

When we first built our house we had the option of putting in an archway or french doors in our front room/ office.  At that time I was adamant on doing the archway so my husband reluctantly said okay and we put in an archway.  Five years later and life has changed as so has our families needs, and with the possibility of adopting a child we wanted to convert this room in preparation.  Needless to say I heard about how we should have done it his way right from the beginning and then he wouldn't have to do all this work.  

These pictures were taken right after we moved in, don't you just love the builders beige.   I loved how the big windows let the light in the house and let the air flow through.

My Husband hard at work, he got the drywall all torn out and was busy building the new frame.

New drywall was up and then it was my turn to finish up with the mud and sanding.  This was a big project as there was such a height difference between the new and old drywall. 

The new doors were finally hung up, aren't they pretty. 

The finished look, it took a long time to get used to them being up but I love them and it makes it a more usable space.  

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skinny52 said...

Love the new doors! So lucky you have someone who can do the work...no matter what comments you had to hear!!! LOL!!! Now...I have never seen that paint effect you have on your ceilings...you have the wall color brought onto the ceiling!!! What technique do you use? I love the look and no cutting in!!!