Monday, 15 August 2011

Lack Of Craftyness

Okay I will admit it, the last week has been a write-off for creating anything.  But for good reason, we have been so busy having a good time.  With only 2 weeks left until school starts we have to get in all the activities we can.  

The boys and me started our week of fun at the park.

 Then we decided to hit up our local corn maze, the kids could spend days there.

The boys spent alot of time over with the animals

On our way to do the maze

This is probably the best idea ever, instead of a sandbox they have this fantastic little barn full of corn.  

Some fun in the sun and on the lake doing some boating 

To end of the week we got a babysitter and my husband and me were able to do a little riding.  

So with the weather forecast showing rain for the week I promise to get my crafting on and show you some more goodies.  I hope everyone had a good weekend. 

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Carmella said...

Hope you guys have a great week! I love all the fun summer pics!