Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Easy Stepping Stones

This is such a fun and easy Garden Project, you can change it up with different words or pictures.  I found myself a variety of skinny flat rocks than added a couple of coats of paint to the tops.  

I added vinyl to the tops of the rocks but you could also use a stencil or hand draw something on

For this one I found a rock that had a larger bottom on it but still had the flat surface so it could stand up on its own, then again added a coat of the blue paint and some vinyl lettering to the top. 

This would also be a great project to do with the kids and see what they can create.  I know my kids have spent many hours painting rocks.

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PC said...

You fence decor in Weekly Confession Linky caught my attention - but this 'mommy's flowers' rock simply amazed me and melt my heart! This is the best garden decor I came across so far! Good job!