Monday, 27 June 2011

The Search Is Over

After dragging my husband into a dozen stores we have finally found a sofa that we both liked and that would fit the space.  I am sure he is more happy about the searching coming to an end than I am, lol.

We actually went into this search wanting a cloth couch but after seeing the features that this one come with we were sold.

The Chaise part goes up and has lots of storage for blankets and pillows.  I know I never have enough storage so this is perfect.

Also the couch pulls out like a trundle and makes into a bed, as we don't have a spare bedroom this is a nice feature.  Plus if we have the whole family watching a movie we can pull this out and have lots of room for everyone.  

A few more things like a rug and coffee table and this space will finally be done. 


Madelene said...

That is such a great couch! where did you find it?

Anonymous said...

Where and how much!!!