Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Project Playhouse #2

Picking the paint color for any project is my favorite part.  The color really is what brings any project or room to live, it could make it or break it.  I am in love with these colors that we have picked for the playhouse.  It was a group decision between me and the three boys and I think it is going to look fantastic.   

Green Grape


Makai & Chase (notice the chocolate pudding face) they are so excited to do this project we picked up painting aprons and rollers just for them. 


Carmella said...

I love the colors! And how fun is that play house going to be!? I know they have to be so excited!

Creative Raisins said...

They really are so excited, if this rain would stop I could get out there and work on it. Can't wait to post some more progress pictures

Merissa said...

What brand of paint is this?