Thursday, 21 July 2011

Kitchen Table Makeover

I was lucky enough to be given this table by a good friend of mine.  She thought I could use it for a craft table or something for out in the garage.  I don't think so, this is too nice to just stick in a corner.  I just love how the wood goes in all the different directions it just adds a little  more character to it.  I decided to go outside of my comfort zone a little bit and stain it, I have tried in the past with staining and usually end up having my husband finish the project or fix my mistakes. 

Yeap the before is not so pretty but I could see her potential.  Look at that fantastic pattern on top.

The after, it turned out pretty darn good.  There are a few flaws but I won't point them out, lol. 

The friend that gave me this table is moving away to what seems like a million miles away, in Australia.  I am glad that I will have this and everyday I see it I will remember her and what an incredible friend she has been to me.  

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Anne @ Hello Newmans said...

How pretty! And what a nice friend to give you a table :) great job!