Thursday, 8 September 2011

Photo Challenge Week 7 & Weekend Fun & Anniversary

For this past long weekend we had a fantastic time, of course we loaded up the trailer and the bikes and headed out for a fun weekend of camping with family and friends.  All the hard work getting ready is so worth it when you are camping at the bottom of two mountains and it seems like there is nobody else for miles.  Here are some of the highlights from our camping trip.  

I love this bouncy house idea for camping, some friends of ours brought it out and the kids had so much fun in it. 

Can you believe he is only 4 years old and this is his 3rd time riding the dirt bike, already fearless. 

Keegan found a new way to use the quad, after watching the dads go out and collect trees for the fire he decided he would give them a hand and spent many hours hauling trees back to camp. 

Big men on little bikes race.

And the Winner Is

We had such a good weekend, so sad it had to come to an end.  But this week also marked a very important day in our lives, our 9 year Anniversary was yesterday.  Throughout the past nine years we have had many laughs and many cries.  Good memories and some bad.  We have grown and learned from each other.  We have created 3 special little boys and sent 3 special angels to heaven and created a family full of love.  Without him in my life none of this would be possible and I am a pretty lucky girl to say the least. 

9 Years Ago our life together was just beginning 

Today we have so much more love in our lives.


Jeanna said...

Love, love your heels... I so want a date night with my hubbie. Great photo...

Jeanna @

Jeanna said...

Love, love your heels... I so want a date night with my hubbie. Great photo...

Jeanna @

Little City Farm said...

Oooh, love those shoes!!

Anne @ Hello Newmans said...

congrats on 9 years! Amazing how fast it goes by. and what a lovely family :)

Unknown said...

Love these! They remind me of growing up in Indiana- as soon as we were old enough, we were on tractors, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, etc!
Love the shoes, btw!
Thanks for playing "Name that movie"!
Kerry at

Laura Beth said...

I think we had the same photo idea, except your shoes are a little more high class!! Thanks for linking up!