Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Pancakes Please

I have found my new favorite thing when it comes to pancakes and if your kids love pancakes then you will love this too. 

My friend came across this Tovolo Pancake Pen and she thought of me.
I have tried to do this with an icing bag and while it worked it was not as easy and the shape didn't turn out as good as I wanted. 

I made a few other ones with the kids names too, the kids thought it was the coolest thing. 


Ade@fortheloveofpainting said...

I love this idea...pancakes are a hit in our family...WHere did you get it?

Annie said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting on my guest post at Creative Carmella's! This is really cool. Just the other day I went to the dollar store and bought ketchup and mustard bottles to do the same thing! Love it!