Thursday, 7 July 2011

Entry To Playhouse

This playhouse just shows you that you don't need a extravagant building or a tree to build it in.  We live in town so our yards are not that big but we have a raised deck and decided to make the most of it.  1/3 of the space under the deck is dedicated to the playhouse and the rest for storage.  We found this little window a few years ago when we were first building this and my husband made the miniature size door.   I also love the fact that the kids can have their very own spot to plant their flowers so we made them a flower bed. It is our tradition that we go to the greenhouse and the kids can pick whichever plants they want to put in there.

At Easter time Wal-mart had all these fantastic metal buckets and mailboxes out so I picked this one up and put it in my playhouse stash.  Then I added vinyl to it to make it a little more customized.   


Carmella said...

Too Cute!! Can I just move in already and pretend to be one of your kids?? I promise I'll be really, really good..hahaha!
I love the little mail box so much, I'm sure your boys think you guys are the coolest parents ever!

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

What a great idea! Perfect use for an often un-used space! :)